Examining Family Stress: Theory and Research

صفحه 1-7
Manijeh Daneshpour


The Development and Psychometric Evaluation of Iranian Coping Style Scale (ICSS): Associations with Individual Differences

صفحه 8-30
Mohammad Khodayarifard؛ Saeed Akbari-Zardkhaneh


A Cross-Cultural Study about Positive and Negative Emotions and Its Relation to Health and Well-being

صفحه 31-42
Reza Kormi-Nouri


Comparing Stress Management Strategies and Impulsivity in Opioids, Moderators, and Stimulant Abusers

صفحه 43-58
Ahmad Borjali؛ Raheleh Siah Kamari؛ Mohammad Jalalvand؛ Soheila Shaii Arani؛ Yousef Aazami


An Investigation of the Relationship between Sources of Meaning of Life and Mental Health

صفحه 43-51
Abbas Rahiminezhad؛ Amir Mahmoud Hushmand Chatroidi؛ Javad Ejei


Comparing the Efficacy of Three Therapeutic Methods of Emotional Expression, Mental and Combined Relaxation in Reducing Perceived Stress

صفحه 52-71
Nader Naderi؛ Farideh Hossein Sabet؛ Faramarz Sohrabi


MSAS: An M-mental health care System for Automatic Stress detection

صفحه 72-80
Saeid Pourroostaei Ardakani


Predicting the Social Anxiety Based on Stress and Timidity in University Students

صفحه 81-93
Noor Ali Farokhi


The Impact of Positive Psychotherapy on Decreasing the College Students' Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Increasing their Well-being

صفحه 97-110
Mahdi Khanjani


Designing a Happy Learning Environment in Schools and Investigating Its Relationship with Stress and Mental Health

صفحه 111-124
Zahra Jamebozorg؛ Fatemeh Jafarkhani؛ Maryam Salimi


Stress Management in Preventive Police of Islamic Republic of Iran

صفحه 125-137
Mohammad Pourasadi؛ shaghayegh pourasadi


Relationship between Positive Variables and Stress

صفحه 137-148
Hajar Massah؛ Sayyed Meysam Dibaji

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