The Effectiveness of Exercise Interventions in Physical and Psychological Conditions in Iranian Veterans: A Systematic Review

صفحه 5-20
Rahman Sheikhhoseini


The Effect of Moderate Intensity Aerobic Exercise on Breast Milk IgA Concentrations

صفحه 21-36
Bakhtyar Tartibian؛ Alain Massart


The Qualitative Survey of Effective Factors on Students' Participation in Extracurricular Sport Activities

صفحه 37-52
Javad Shahlaee؛ Vali Alizadeh


The Effect of Bandwidth Modeling on the Learning of Movement Components

صفحه 53-64
Sepide Hamedi؛ Abbas Bahram؛ Elham Shirzad Araghi؛ Faeze Babaei


Correlation between News Components with Women’s Presentation in Leading Iranian Sport Newspapers

صفحه 65-86
Sara Keshkar؛ Azam Shiroei


Effects of 8 Weeks of Combined Training (Resistance and Endurance) on the Serum Vaspin Level in Obese Girls

صفحه 87-98
Batoul Jalali-Kahnooj؛ Mohammad Reza Batavani؛ Mohsen Ghofrani


Championship Sports for Iranian Women: Challenges, Opportunities and Solutions

صفحه 99-116
Nazanin Rasekh؛ Hossein Zareian؛ Hamid Ghasemi؛ Zohreh Rezaie


The Effect of Brand, Design and Price on Perceived Quality and Re-Intent of Customers to Purchase Sports Brand Shoes

صفحه 117-138
Ali Benesbordi؛ Javad Fesanghari؛ Samaneh Ranjbar؛ Narges Bidkhori


Sport and Physical Activities as the Ground for Supporting Subjective Well-being

صفحه 139-156
Elaheh Medadi Nansa؛ Farzad Ghafouri


Evaluation of the Relationship between Explosive Power and Anthropometric and Body Composition Indices in Female Volleyball Players

صفحه 157-168
Mehdi Kushkestani؛ Shiva Ebrahimpour Nosrani؛ Mohsen Parvani؛ Sohrab Rezaei؛ Negin Karimi Nazar


Measuring Off-field Factors Affecting the Technical and Ethical Performance of Professional Football Athletes

صفحه 169-188
Mohammad Bostaki؛ Farzad Ghafouri؛ Gholamali Kargar


The Effect of 12-Week Endurance Training on Lipid Profiles and Fat Percentage of Overweight Girls

صفحه 189-200
Bakhtyar Tartibian؛ Mehdi Kushkestani؛ Shiva Ebrahimpour Nosrani

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