Grit and Foreign Language Anxiety as Predictors of Willingness to Communicate in the Context of Foreign Language Learning: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach

صفحه 1-30
Jalil Fathi؛ Farnoosh Mohammaddokht؛ Saeed Nourzadeh


A Social Quest for Language and Cultural Capital: Exploring Iranian English Language Majors’ Habitus

صفحه 31-60
Behrooz Nazarian؛ Gholam Reza Zarei


A Qualitative Investigation of Language Learners’ Epistemological Beliefs: Core Dimensions and Development in Focus

صفحه 61-93
Masoomeh Rahmani؛ Marzieh Bagherkazemi؛ Alireza Ameri


The Discursive Construction of Academic Writing Expertise: A Case Study of Developing from an Outsider to a Contributor Role in a Discourse Community

صفحه 95-119
Farzaneh Dehghan


Developing and Assessing Intercultural Competence through Ethnographic Interviews in the Domestic Context of Teacher Education in Iran

صفحه 119-144
Mehri Jalali


Examining the Effect of Scaffolding Instruction on Critical Thinking Skills of Iranian EFL Learners

صفحه 145-170
Emad Mohammed Qadir؛ Nouroddin Yousofi


Iranian EFL Teachers’ Conceptions and Practices of Communicative Language Teaching Curriculum

صفحه 171-202
Amir Kardoust؛ Abdulbaset Saeedian


Task Motivation and Transfer of Learning across Tasks: The Case of Learning the English Definite Article

صفحه 203-232
Saeed Safdari


Hidden Curriculum Components, Learners’ National Identity, and Self-Efficacy: A Model for Iranian EFL Teachers

صفحه 233-267
Zeinab Sazegar؛ Hamid Ashraf؛ Khalil Motallebzadeh


Coping Strategies Employed by EFL Teachers to Avoid Classroom Management Constraints: Scale Development and Validation

صفحه 269-299
Seyed Reza Beh-Afarin؛ Mohammad Shakerkhoshroudi؛ Jahanbakhsh Nikoopour


Grammatical Complexity in Research Articles: Iranian Local Journals and International Journals

صفحه 301-323
Seyed Foad Ebrahimi؛ Samaneh Imandar


The Impact of Sequencing Repeated Familiar Tasks on Listening Performance

صفحه 325-350
Bahman Amini؛ Abbas Bayat؛ Keivan Mahmoodi

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