Investigating the relationship between serum calcium and alkaline phosphatase with bone mineral density in active and inactive men

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saeed naeimi؛ akbar sazvar؛ azam feyzi


The effect of 4 weeks of interval training and IMT on the return to the initial state of respiratory muscle strength in inactive people

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Fatemeh Khodadadi-Mian Abadi؛ Ali younesian؛ Ali Livani


Effects of Different Exercise Trainings on Patients with Multiple Sclerosis: A review study

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Shirin Asadi؛ Rasoul Eslami


The effect of core stabilization exercise (CSE) and high-power laser (HPL) on chronic low back pain (CLBP) in female athletes

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Sanaz Alami؛ Babak Nakhostin-Roohi


Effects of Improved Sleep Quality with Administration of Melatonin plus GABA on Total-body Skeletal Muscle Mass of Amateur CrossFit Athletes

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Fellipe Pinheiro Savioli؛ Jan Willem Cerf Sprey؛ Paulo Afonso Mei؛ Nicole Nardy Paula Razuck؛ Gabriela Thabata Bruno Cilla؛ Tatiana Ciocler Trahtenberg؛ Guilherme de Vieira Giorelli؛ Pedro Baches Jorge


Comparing the effects of eight weeks of low-volume and high-volume High Intensity interval training on lactate response and some performance indicators of soccer players

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Ebrahim Zarrinkalam؛ kamal ranjbar؛ Milad Davoudi


The Relationship between physical activity level and some risk factors of coronary heart disease in retired male teachers of Samen city.

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davood asgari؛ noorali rabiei؛ nastaran zarezade


Comparing the effects of selected TRX and Pilates training on balance parameters, fatigue index, and quality of life in female patients of multiple sclerosis

صفحه 159-170
Parisa Ghasemi؛ Farzad Nazem؛ Masoud Etemadifar؛ Mohsen Parvani


Comparison the effect of three aerobic, resistance and combined (aerobic + resistance) training methods on serum levels of Irizin, Atherogenic Index of Plasma and some cardiovascular risk factors in Inactive Overweight Men

صفحه 193-212
Bahman Ebrahimi_Torkamani؛ Marefat Siahkoohian؛ ahmad fasihi


Comparing the effect of High Intensity Interval Training and Moderate Intensity Aerobic Training on serum levels of homocysteine and lipid profiles in overweight inactive men

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bakhtyar tartibian؛ ahmad fasihi؛ Bahman Ebrahimi_Torkamani


The effect of special endurance training on the activity of some liver enzymes in inactive young men

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Mahmoud Khodadoost؛ Marefat Siahkuhian؛ Leila Fasihi


The relationship between some indicators of osteoporosis and bone mineral density of the pelvis in active elderly men

صفحه 243-265
Ali Livani؛ Fatemeh Khodadadi-Mian Abadi؛ Fatemeh Amiri Pari؛ Reza Farzi-Zadeh

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