Does Interlanguage Pragmatic Measure Enhancement Change the Data Pattern? A Mixed Method Approach

صفحه 1-32
Rasoul Mohammad Hosseinpur؛ Abdolreza Lowni؛ Maryam Lowni


Teacher Assessment Identity in Motion: The Representations in E-Portfolios of Novice and Experienced EFL Teachers

صفحه 33-66
Masoomeh Estaji؛ Farhad Ghiasvand


Effect of Dialogic Tasks on Iranian EFL Learners’ Language Learning Anxiety: Focus on Moderating Roles of Gender and Levels of Proficiency

صفحه 67-91
Mohammad Reza Namy Soghady؛ Nafiseh Hosseinpour؛ Mohammad Reza Talebinejad


Active Learning as an Approach to Fostering EFL Learners’ Speaking Skills and Willingness to Communicate: A Mixed-methods Inquiry

صفحه 93-128
Zeinab Azizi؛ Ehsan Namaziandost؛ Parisa Ashkani


GTALL: A GNMT Model for the Future of Foreign Language Education

صفحه 129-159
Vahid Reza Mirzaeian؛ Katayoun Oskoui


Teaching Quality of EFL Teachers: Do Years of Teaching Experience Matter?

صفحه 161-186
Mehri Jalali


Developing Productive Teacher Immunity by Providing Tailor-Made Teacher Education: A Constructive Endeavor?

صفحه 187-217
Leila Dobakhti؛ Mohammad Zohrabi؛ Sevda Masoudi


Prediction of Iranian EFL Learners’ Production of Request Speech Act and Communication Apprehension by the Big Five Personality Traits

صفحه 219-254
Meisam Mirzaei Shojakhanlou؛ Raziyea Mahmoudi؛ Farahman Farrokhi


Facet Variability in the Light of Rater Training in Measuring Oral Performance: A Multifaceted Rasch Analysis

صفحه 255-290
Houman Bijani؛ Salim Said Bani Orabah


Cross-cultural CMC-Based Study of Speech Act of Criticism in Response to School Reopening during COVID-19

صفحه 291-324
Maryam Farnia


The Comparative Effects of Neurofeedback Training (NFT) and English Instruction through the Total Physical Response (TPR) Method on the Attention of Young Learners with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

صفحه 325-355
Masumeh Taie؛ Reza Rostami؛ Massood Yazdanimoghaddam


EFL Learners’ Attitudes toward Peer and Self-Assessment of Descriptive Type of Writing: An Exploratory Sequential Mixed-Methods Study

صفحه 357-393
Peiman Rahmani؛ Masoud Zoghi؛ Haniyeh Davatgar

سامانه مدیریت نشریات علمی. قدرت گرفته از سیناوب